by David Gerald Sutton

Here I Remain

by David Gerald Sutton


Minneapolis-based five-string violinist, string arranger, and composer David Gerald Sutton has been able to find a unique voice in the world of music with his violin, not limited to the addition of an extra string on his instrument. Utilizing guitar effect pedals and taking a page from Ed Sheeran's book on looping, David has combined these electronic elements with almost 20 years of classical and jazz studies to carve out a place for the violin in today's world of pop music, both synthesized and organic.

Whether he's providing a one-man orchestra for artists like Sucre & Michael Shynes, or writing and producing his own instrumental pop music, David has his hands in as many facets of the music world he possibly can. The emotion and passion that exudes from his playing can be felt by audiences of all ages and genre preferences, calming anxiety-driven minds and restoring fond memories of joy and wonder. From the streets of Minneapolis to venues across the nation, David Gerald Sutton is sure to provide an experience unlike any other heard from a violinist before.

His newest release, “Retrograde”, is available now on all digital platforms.